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Do you have an annual electricity cost of over 500 000 Euro for your compressed air?

Enersize offers cost free compressed air efficiency management through revenue sharing agreements

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Enersize’s solution for measurement and data acquisition of the compressed air systems operations is based on IoT and cloud computing. The acquired data is analyzed so system imbalances, bottlenecks and design flaws are identified and can be rectified quickly.

Our energy efficiency software solution is focused on an holistic full system analysis, including dependencies between different system parts and not just focusing on optimizing a smaller area such as compressor control or leakage repairs. This ensures savings that are 2-3 times larger compared to only  implementing a dedicated energy saving system for one part of the whole system.

The offering is based on a revenue sharing model where Enersize covers all risks (including any needed investments that are necessary to achieve savings). The revenue from the savings achieved is then shared between Enersize and the customer over a 3-5 year contract period.

Savings are usually in the range of 20-30% and in some cases up to 50% has been achieved.

Enersize has its own compressed air expert and savings action team who are responsible for making the savings happen. By taking responsibility for the whole chain from measurements to actually saved kWh Enersize can guarantee a successful project with both a substantial financial upside and a huge positive environmental impact.

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Continuous monitoring is vital for for maintaining a reliable system, upholding efficiency and achieve early failure detection

Tools for detailed and holistic system insights enable pinpointing of bottlenecks and system inefficiencies

Enersize advanced analytics and visualisation tools ensure that deep understanding is available for the most critical parts and behaviours of the compressed air systems