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December 2016

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Enersize, starts project with second Chinese glass producer

Enersize has agreed on the installation of Enersize´s system for measuring and efficiency of energy usage in compressed air systems in another factory of a leading Chinese manufacturer of automotive, float, electronic and engineering glass. The producer has a total of eight factories whereof seven are located in China. It is a listed company with over 10.000 Employees and revenues in excess of 1bn EUR.
This is Enersize’s second customer within the Chinese glass manufacturing industry. The potential savings in the pilot factory have been estimated to be 400 000 – 600 000 EUR annually. The installation of the Enersize system is planned to take place during the first quarter of 2017. Enersize´s share of the yearly savings during the lifetime of the project will be agreed with the customer when the savings potential has been measured and verified through Enersize system.
Enersize recently disclosed that they have received their first installation contract in the Chinese glass manufacturing industry.
CEO of major owner, Cleantech Invest, Alexander Lidgren:
”Compressed air goes into more or less everything we use so it is no surprise that Enersize can achieve savings across industries. We have announced previously that Enersize has a big pipeline of potential deals and CEO Sami Mykkänen is now living his life in meeting rooms inside Chinese manufacturing plants trying to close them.
Enersize chairman of the board Christian Merheim comments:
“I’m impressed by Enersize’s hard working team that they have been able to close two important deals with two separate Chinese glass manufacturers within such a short time. With these pilot installations we are building a huge momentum for future growth as successful pilots may later lead to a quick roll-out in several manufacturing sites at once.”
Sami Mykkänen, Enersize CEO, comments:
“I am really delighted that our sales are proceeding as planned. At the start of the year we focused on quickly building momentum in our sales pipeline. Early in we added another Chinese sales partner for this and we can now see the results as we are are starting to close those deals.”
1024 166 Enersize

Enersize selects Sedermera Fondkommission as advisor for planned listing on Nasdaq Stockholm First North during 2017

The listing process starts directly and exact information will follow in an investor memorandum to be published later. Enersize recently added one large Chinese glass manufacturer to its project list after previously announcing orders in both the Chinese vehicle and electronics sector.

Christian Merheim, Chairman of the Board Enersize, comments:

“With an attractive case we had a large selection of advisors to choose from. We are very happy to announce that we choose Sedermera. We had our initial discussions with them over a year ago and we have been impressed with their thoroughness, professionality and integrity all along the way. Enersize team is really looking forward working together with Sedermera for the 2017 IPO”.

Sami Mykkänen, Enersize CEO, comments:

“The timing to start our IPO process could not have been better. During the last year, we have more than tripled the size of our sales pipeline and closed several significant customers. The upcoming IPO gives us the possibility to take on even more projects”. 

Cleantech Invest, the largest owner of Enersize, CEO Alexander Lidgren comments:

“We are happy to be one step closer to offering a listed share in what we think is a carbon cutting champion. After hard and systematic efforts building a big customer pipeline, Enersize is now delivering what can only be labelled drastic energy savings to the Chinese manufacturing industry.”

Sedermera Fondkommission’s Head of Corporate Finance, Andreas Sandgren, comments:

”We are delighted to have been appointed Enersize’s advisor and look forward to initiating the listing process of the company.”

About Sedermera Fondkommission:

Sedermera Fondkommission offers services for listed companies or companies with the target of being listed at a trading platform. Sedermera’s services includes corporate finance, certified adviser, M&A’s, financial communications, issue management and market making. Sedermera is a secondary name of ATS Finans AB, an investment firm under the supervision of the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen). Sedermera’s headquarter is in Malmö, Sweden. The company also have offices in Lund (Medicon Village) and Norrköping (Norrköping Science Park). The organisation consists of approximately fifteen co-workers. Sedermera’s ambition is to create long term client and investing relations.