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January 2017

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Enersize opens new R&D office in Lund, Sweden

In January 2017 Enersize opened a new R&D office in Lund. The R&D office in Sweden will focus on development of fully automated analysis of compressed air systems.

Lund is one of Scandinavia’s major high tech hubs where companies like Apple, Sony-Ericsson, Microsoft, Arm and Huawei all have development offices.
It has both a well respected university and a technical university. Lund is located both within one hour from Copenhagen and two international airports, making it an attractive region with a very good recruitment base of highly skilled personnel. The region also has a long and successful history within research, development and commercialisation of advanced technology.

Enersize will continuously be looking for skilled personnel for the new Lund office with high level competence in software and algorithm development, signal processing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, compressed air systems, thermodynamics and project management. For work applications please contact Mr. Christian Merheim, Executive Chairman, Enersize at:

Enersize sales and project operations will continue to be located at Enersize’s Head Office in Helsinki, Finland.

Christian Merheim, Chairman of the Board:
“We choose to establish ourselves in Lund as we have an extensive network and great previous experience from advanced technology development here. 
We have already kickstarted the establishment with some great development talent and as we will continue to grow this will be a perfect base for further recruitments to accelerate the development of our next generation fully automated analysis software for compressed air systems”

Sami Mykkänen, CEO:
“By establishing a dedicated R&D office we will pave the road for our future product line. We are very excited to do this in Sweden and especially in Lund. 
In the light of our planned upcoming listing at Nasdaq Stockholm First North during spring 2017, we feel delighted that we now also are physically represented in Sweden.”