Enersize participates in WWF’s Cleantech programme for the Indian market

Enersize Advanced Research AB (“Enersize” or the “Company”) has been invited by World Wide Fund for Nature (“WWF”) to participate in their work to reduce resources used by supplier factories in India. The Company will present to Indian suppliers of H&M, who is member of the Climate savers programme, on a webinar hosted by WWF in March 2021.

The Cleantech programme helps multinational companies, such as H&M, to put focus on resource usage and suggest to their suppliers recommended solutions and systems to lower waste and improve efficiency.

H&M, as part of its work to save our climate, have entered into partnership with WWF. H&M is a member of the Climate savers programme and now take part in the Cleantech programme to get help to implement actions to reduce resources consumed by the company’s supply chain. H&M’s vision is to become climate positive by 2040.

The program Enersize has been invited to is in its startup phase and may expand to other countries where H&M have suppliers. The total number of Indian suppliers to H&M is about 200 and their size ranges from small (a few thousand employees) to very large (about 100 000 employees). The textile industry, the typical branch of H&M suppliers, have processes that rely on compressed air and Enersize’s Compressed Air Services can support suppliers moving from reactive to proactive maintenance of their compressed air systems.

The discussion between H&M, WWF, Enersize and a coordinating and financing consultancy company GloFin Advisory AB (“GloFin”) started in September 2020 and has moved steadily forward with a few presentations and business model proposals, and has now solidified by the invitation to the webinar and the signing of an agreement with GloFin.

Enersize’s business, in contrast to many other solutions and systems to reduce usage of resources, has a very high return on investment, and has been received with interest by H&M’s cleantech team and therefore selected for the upcoming webinar.

The interest from WWF and H&M in our streamlined Compressed Air Services shows that we now have a business model and product portfolio that works. We understand India is a challenging market with a high potential. WWF and H&M will push the suppliers into acting and as Enersize will be the recommended partner I believe the cooperation will be fruitful for all parties”, says Anders Sjögren, CEO of Enersize

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