Enersize receives orders for Q+ from Norway

Enersize Oyj ("Enersize" or the "Company") today announces that Tylekk, one of the Company's partners in Norway, has received a larger order for a complete package of Q+ for monitoring and surveillance of compressed air systems for installation at one end customer in Norway. The order value initially amounts to around SEK 280,000 and includes a three-year license for Q+ Base.

The current partner in Norway joined with Enersize in the acquisition of LEAQS. The partner on a regular basis carry out minor leakage control projects in Norway with the help of LEAQS.

The installation at the end customer of Q + Base means that the end customer will receive basic and important information about how the compressed air system is running. The information will be used to feed additional modules in Q+ for analysis, reporting and alarms. Using Q+ gives the customer the opportunity to lower their energy costs and indirectly reduce their CO2 emissions through reduced electricity consumption.

Enersize works continuously to train its partners in their new product range. Recurring seminars in collaboration with partners are an effective way to support resellers towards end customers. In addition to training, these seminars also offer a very good opportunity for both partners and course participants to immerse themselves in Enersize's offer and opportunities. This order has been generated as a direct result of the latest seminar held in Oslo in October.

This particular order is published in accordance with the new communication strategy announced in the Q3 report, to only announce market orders exceeding SEK 100,000 or refer to Q+. Since then, Enersize has received a handful of smaller orders, each under SEK 100,000 in order value for LEAQS projects, which have not been communicated as individual press releases.

“This larger order is a direct result of our two-day seminar in Oslo a few weeks ago and the first delivery of Q+ in Norway. It is exciting to see that Nordic, domestic, sales are now starting to roll at the same time as as our new partnership in China is developing well. Our sales pipeline in both markets has also grown and we hope this will lead to a continued increase in order intake during the new year.”, says Anders Sjögren, Managing Director.

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