Data-driven leakage management at Ringnes brewery ​

Ringnes brewery, which is part of the Carlsberg Group, is a major consumer of compressed air with their leakage management decisions being data driven. Sustainability drives the agendaThe introduction of a global sustainability agenda for the Carlsberg Group has influenced the direction for Ringnes when it comes to energy savings and the focus on cutting […]

Compressed Air KPI’s​

Synopsis: Rarely does an industrial user know exactly how much their compressed air is costing or the efficiency of their system. Measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs), also called energy performance indicators (EnPIs), can show facility managers the big picture in terms of current costs and potential savings.  To truly manage any system, you must […]

The time is now!

Welcome to the new Enersize and our fascinating world of compressed air. There has never been a more relevant time to address the significant savings available in energy optimization of industrial compressed air. Please continue reading and get inspired! Enersize is passionate about compressed air. We find it hot! Compressed air enables advanced production and […]