Remote Logging Detects Problem

Synopsis: Unanticipated problems can ruin even the best laid plans for compressed air system improvement.  This industrial customer updated their air compressors and dryers and made efforts to reduce their leakage load, only to find the savings were not as high as anticipated.  Analysis of the data collected remote logging system allowed the customer to […]

Dear Compressed Air Users, we at Enersize work for the good of humanity

Imagine a power plant consuming 100 units of coal energy to generate electricity.Visualize this electricity traveling through the power distribution network to a plant that uses it to generate compressed air, which is used for production. Only 2 units of energy remain as useful compressed air work. An amazing amount – 98 units – is […]

Enersize is recruiting Erik Sundqvist for the role of Chief Financial Officer

Enersize is recruiting Erik Sundqvist for the role of the Group’s Chief Financial Officer. Erik will start on March 21, 2021 and replaces Thomas Bengtsson in his role as interim CFO. Thomas, who is a member of the board of Enersize, is also acting CFO and has with great commitment contributed to increasing the focus […]