Self-funding sustainability project brings compressed airline towards carbon net-zero

A case study of compressed air line optimization: 80% of energy cost-saving and other added benefits within a 16 month ROI.  You are probably aware of the fast-growing trend involving manufacturer sustainability, which not only involves producers but also governments and consumers. Forbes’ survey showed that “In the past 12 months around 68% of millennials […]

Stay laser-focused on optimization

Continuous optimization of the industrial compressed air system is an integral part of the strategy for many of the plants we work with at Enersize. Here’s what some of our customers are saying. Data-driven leakage management at Ringnes brewery Ringnes AS is the leading beverage brand in Norway. The brewery, which employs 900 people and […]

Optimization is the Way Forward

Standardization lowers the barrier to getting started with the optimization of compressed air systems. At Enersize we recommend that you begin with an Xray of your system to get instant insights into the savings potential and a detailed action plan. Once you see how much you can save we’re certain you’ll be motivated to continue. […]