Time to get started

It has never been easier to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint! Energy optimization of compressed air is low-hanging fruit for most industrial companies. Just do it! Most opportunities to implement long-term sustainability impact take a lot of investment and change of behavior but if you have followed this thread of newsletters you know […]

Compressed Air Efficiency: First Steps

This article discusses how to get started on optimizing any compressed air system and the important first steps on the journey to success. Ron Marshall Do you want to get your compressed air system under control?  It doesn’t have to be too complicated: there are some very simple first steps that involve your eyes, ears, hands […]

Supporting customers’ sustainability goals

Sustainability is an integral part of the strategy for many of the plants we work with at Enersize. Accurate data about the industrial compressed air system is an essential foundation for documenting progress towards achieving these goals. Here’s what some of our customers are saying: ”The emphasis placed on efficient industrial operations and CO2 emissions […]