When air compressors “fight”

Dear Readers, For this newsletter, we have chosen the theme When air compressors fight. Why is this a topic of interest? Our experience is that even if everyone assumes that their compressors are working in good alignment, and there is technology available to ensure they do, compressors are more often than not fighting with each other, causing waste […]

Consumers demand climate action

Environmental activism has reached a turning point as consumers increasingly demand that companies reduce their carbon footprint and optimize energy efficiency. As a consequence, sustainability is now on the agenda in the boardrooms and quickly becoming a top strategic initiative.  When talking to the Enersize Advisory Council (EAC) members at the inaugural council meeting, we learned […]

Control Gap: When air compressors fight

Synopsis: This article discusses some compressor sizing mistakes when it comes to using VSD air compressor control in a multi-compressor system. So often when reviewing the data from systems that have VSD compressors installed we find that there is a “control gap” problem. During the initial plant tour the compressor operator may have proudly showed […]