Trends in the magic world of compressed air – where are we going? 

Welcome to the first article in a series addressing the evolution of compressed air optimization. Part 1: Energy optimization, trends, and standards – actuator application.  Is the electrification of each process an answer to the rising prices of energy? The question of choice of the right application has been influenced by rising electricity prices and […]

Using Data for Compressed Air Management

Synopsis: Often the owners and operators of compressed air systems typically do not have adequate measurement data to properly manage their system. Installation of system measurement devices can reveal surprising results that can lead managers to needed system improvements. When management acts on these improvements significant financial savings and productivity improvements can result. In the […]

Smart is in the air – old

Dear Readers, What happens when everything gets smart? As computer power becomes smaller, cheaper and more available you see unexpected objects acquiring intelligence. A world where everything can communicate is sometimes called Ubiquitous Computing. It is a term associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) and refers to the potential for connected devices and their […]

To measure is to know

Autumn is coming to Lund in Sweden. It’s rainy and windy and getting colder day by day. In the Southern part of Sweden we don’t normally get a lot of snow, but these days ‘normal’ is not taken for granted. There are always fluctuations in the climate – and they can be large – but […]