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Enersize, starts project with Chinese glass factory

Enersize has agreed on the installation of Enersize´s system for measuring and efficiency of energy usage in compressed air systems in one factory of a major Chinese manufacturer of float glass. The manufacturer has a total of seven factories, and is a Chinese listed company with revenues exceeding 300MEUR. After earlier installations in electronics and automotive factories this is the first installation in the glass manufacturing industry.

The potential savings in the pilot factory have been estimated to 500 000 – 700 000 EUR yearly. The installation of the Enersize system is planned to take place during the first quarter of 2017.

Enersize´s part of the yearly savings during the lifetime of the project will be determined when the savings have been verified and agreed with the customer.

Enersize recently disclosed that they had received their first major payments from revenue sharing projects in China, and that they are investigate listing of the company during 2017.


Enersize chairman of the board Christian Merheim comments: 

This new installation agreement shows, once again, that Enersize has found the right place in the market with our technology and presence in China. It will be exciting to follow this project, as we expect it to lead to continued deals with significant revenue potential for Enersize.”

Major owner Cleantech Invest CEO Alexander Lidgren:

”I am extremely proud that we have a Enersize in our portfolio. To bring Nordic cutting edge expertise in energy efficiency to the market in the world where it is needed the most is bold, ambitious and potentially very profitable. We believe that energy efficiency, the production of negawatts, will emerge as a significant new industry in its own right and companies like Enersize are well positioned to capture a leading role in it.”