Compressed air awareness is a gold mine

Compressed air is by far the largest expense in industry and is often referred to as the “hidden utility”. It is used extensively, but very few plants have their industrial compressed air system under control.

Anders Sjögren,

In a world where waste is quickly becoming unacceptable, we need to change this situation. Here at Enersize, we are raising awareness of compressed air wastage by providing access for industry to our end-to-end solution for energy optimization of industrial compressed air.

Let me give you something to think about.

In Europe alone, the wasted energy from compressed air leakages corresponds to 40TWh on a yearly basis. This means we could shut down up to eight nuclear power plants if we addressed leakage of compressed air! Compressed air is generated by huge machines that consume electricity. In most parts of the world, electricity causes large amounts of CO2 emissions as documented by the International Energy Agency as well as by the European Environment Agency.

International Energy Agency: Carbon intensity of electricity generation of the world and a future scenario >>

European Environment Agency: Greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation >>

The 40TWh yearly savings potential in Europe corresponds to 11 million tons of CO2 emissions!

What appears impossible today in terms of the reduction of CO2 emissions will be taken for granted tomorrow. There is no doubt in my mind that we are moving towards a future where compressed air is always monitored by dedicated services and where leakages are repaired as they appear. We invite you to become a pioneer by working with us and our partners.

Knowledge is power and if you intend to work more with your compressed air, why not begin with the compressed air quiz on our website? Whether or not you’re an experienced compressed air guru, it will be a fun start!

If you are really serious, please go to our brand new boot camp with online training resources. It is completely free so do share the links within your community.

Together we can make a difference!

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