Dear Compressed Air Users, we at Enersize work for the good of humanity

Anders Sjögren, CEO

Imagine a power plant consuming 100 units of coal energy to generate electricity.Visualize this electricity traveling through the power distribution network to a plant that uses it to generate compressed air, which is used for production. Only 2 units of energy remain as useful compressed air work. An amazing amount – 98 units – is wasted! At Enersize, we know that for every customer we help, we save on average 1 unit of compressed air energy resulting in saving 25 units of coal energy. Join us, challenge yourselves and do something you can be really proud of!

Fun fact: Producing electricity from coal generates about 700 g CO2 per kWh. Sweden, where Enersize is headquartered, generates only 13 g CO2 per kWh. This is because we have several hydro and nuclear power plants.

The obvious question to ask is why this enormous wastage hasn’t already been fixed?

Compressed air systems are complex. They require a lot of know-how to handle and need the tools for the job. At Enersize, we dedicate every minute of the day to build a product portfolio that produces real results for you, our customers. We have therefore worked out a methodology that takes you on the right path from the start. Together with our partners who deliver the work on-site, we will support you through this change management approach.

Reducing energy consumption by compressed air is no easy fix which is why we always stay true to our methodology. We meet customers who do leakage repair once per year or so and are satisfied with that, but at Enersize we do not consider this being socially responsible. If you do not measure the actual savings, how do you know what you are accomplishing and what the actual energy saving potential is? In all probability you’ll miss the majority of the energy savings potential – and you lose money as the return on investment for most actions on your compressed air system is very short.

With the Enersize methodology you will get training and insights and we will make sure you save energy and money. Our partners hands-on work ensures results by performing leakage repairs which often reduce compressed air demand by more than 20% in just a matter of weeks. In case you’re wondering, that’s the equivalent of 20 units of coal energy. So what are you waiting for ?

Stay safe!

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