Information about the rights issue during June 2020

General information

Information on the upcoming rights issue can be found in the following press release.

The registration date has been decided.

The Board of Enersize has formally decided to carry out the rights issue.

The Investors Memorandum has been published.

Subscription forms for shareholders with shares registered in Euroclear Sweden can be downloaded here:

Time plan

All dates refer to 2020. Full schedule and information on the Rights Issue can be found in the Information Memorandum.

2 JuneLast day of trading including the subscription rights.
3 JuneLast day of trading excluding the subscription rights.
4 JuneRegistration date. The record date. Shareholders who are registered in the share register held by Euroclear Sweden AB or Euroclear Finland Oy as of this day will receive subscription rights, which entitles the holder to participate in the Rights Issue.
9– 18 JuneTrading in subscription rights (TR).
9 – 23 JuneThe subscription period in Sweden.
9 – 25 JuneThe subscription period in Finland.
9 June– 14 JulyTrade in BTA. The period may be extended or shortened, depending on the situation.
30 JuneThe announcement of the outcome is expected to be published.

ISIN codes

ISIN code shareFI4000233317, ticker: ENERS
ISIN code subscription right SwedenSE0014452686
ISIN code BTA in SwedenSE0014452694
ISIN code subscription right FinlandFI4000440383
ISIN code BTA in FinlandFI4000440391

Finnish shareholders

A Finnish shareholder is defined as a shareholder who has his Enersize shares registered with Euroclear Finland.

In the previous rights issue, the information on what applies to Finnish shareholders was perceived as inferior.

The press release contains relevant information, but we would like to point out that the main difference between Finnish and Swedish shareholders is that Finnish shareholders cannot trade with their allotted subscription rights. Otherwise, Finnish shareholders have the same opportunities and rights as Swedish shareholders.

In order for a Finnish shareholder to be able to trade with his subscription rights, the shares need to be moved from Euroclear Finland to Euroclear Sweden before the record date. A transfer of shares may be associated with costs for the shareholder and may take time.

Notifications and application forms for shareholders with shares in Euroclear Finland will be distributed by the banks in Finland (the subscription forms above cannot be used).

Holders of warrants of series TO1 and TO2

Holders of warrants of series TO1 and TO2 who wish to participate with preferential rights in the Rights Issue must by 15 May 2020 exercise the warrants to subscribe for new shares. However, it should be noted that the exercise price for TO1 and TO2 significantly exceeds the current market price.

Conversion of TO1 and TO2

A customary recalculation of the option terms for TO1 and TO2 will be made in connection with the rights issue in accordance with the terms for TO1 and TO2. Conversion is dependent on, among other things, the value of the subscription rights during the subscription period and the number of newly issued shares. Based on the assumptions, the exercise price for TO2 can be assessed to be well over the stock price on May 8, 2020 (and less than SEK 0,65). An adjustment of the exercise price is made only after a completed issue.


Enersize publicerar kvartalsredogörelse för det första kvartalet 2021

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Enersize publishes Interim Report for the first quarter of 2021

Enersize Oyj (“Enersize” or “the Company”) hereby submits a quarterly report for the period January – March 2021 and can report sales of EUR 72,248 to the Group, compared with EUR 53,902 for the corresponding to the period 2020. Please note that this is not a financial report but a summary of the most significant events during the past quarter. In accordance with the requirements of the Nasdaq Stockholm First North Growth Market’s regulations, Enersize publishes financial reports on a half-year and full-year basis.

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Enersize avtalar med Scania om förlängning av pilotprojekt

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