Welcome to the Enersize Insight Webinar June 2022

At the Enersize Insight Webinar in June 2022 you will meet some of the world’s greatest thought leaders to discuss energy optimization of industrial compressed air. We also look at the latest and greatest from Enersize product development and how to become an early adopter.

First up are two well-known experts on compressed air, our CEO Anders Sjögren and our partner and North America’s biggest rock star on compressed air and energy optimization Ron Marshall who is also a driving force in Compressed Air Challenge. Together with Anders & Ron, we will discuss compressed air best practise – what you can do to support energy optimization in your daily operation.

After that, you’ll be able to participate in the presentation of Enersize product news and roadmap incl. engagement opportunities which will be held by Anders Sjögren, CEO, Stephanie Alvarez, CTO and Rebeca Rubio López, Software Manager.

Finally, Anders Lif, Head of Sales and Marketing with Johannes Olsson, Head of Enersize Academy, will give you some practical tips & tricks and insights on future Enersize target market activities.

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Thank you for joining our mission to minimize energy waste in industrial compressed air!

Anders Sjögren
CEO Enersize