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Welcome to the Enersize Spring Launch 2022

A gravity point for next-generation energy optimization of industrial compressed air.

Event highlights

Meet the Giants

Ron Marshall
Compressed Air Challange
Dennis Bauer
Fraunhofer Institute
Mohamed Achraf ZERHOUNI
Scopp Solutions
Sofie Engel
Momentum Industrial AB
Shantha Kumar
eClouds Energy LLP
Magnus Grenthe
Sigma Industry Solutions
Anders Sjögren
CEO, Enersize

An industry in change

  • Meet Enersize CEO Anders Sjögren and hear him talk about an industry in change and what happens when every component gets smart. Analysing big data for management by exception.
  • Meet Enersize partners Mohamed Achraf Zerhouni from Scopp Solutions in Morocco and Shantha Kumar from eClouds Energy LLP in India as they give us an update on the different local initiatives touching on sustainability and energy efficiency in their regions respectively.
  • Learn about the new EU taxonomy. The most ambitious initiative to put rules and regulations on what it takes for an organization to be declared sustainable or not.
  • Join us in the launch of Enersize Academy which is now available in the cloud supporting the acceleration and growth of Enersize partner ecosystem

thought leaders

  • Meet Ron Marshall, international rock star on energy optimization of compressed air as he presents the Compressed Air Challenge as the most powerful initiative in North America.
  • Meet Dennis Bauer a group leader from Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and see what is trending in the leading European research body when it comes to compressed air related topics.

Top 5 reasons
to attend

  1. Be inspired by industry peers and thought leaders
  2. Learn what is coming from Enersize in the future
  3. Hear from customers how they work with energy optimization and sustainability
  4. Understand how to reduce compressed air leakage with Enersize software
  5. Get involved in the Enersize Collaboration Lab

Be inspired

Get insights from thought leaders from around the world. ​

Be empowered

Hear customers’ take on the change in the industry.

Be blown away

Launching Enersize Compressed Air Services.​

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Launch Event May 10 and 11 2022

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