Launching our Partner onboarding program

Enersize is launching a complete program to successfully onboard new partners. The program outlines sales enablement and time to earnings in a structured approach from Day 1 to Day 30/60/90 and beyond.


A firm focus on partner onboarding

A strong partner ecosystem is at the core of Enersize’s growth strategy. Therefore, we have developed a structured partner introduction process with the aim of making sure that all partners receive the same introduction, preparation and acceleration support from Day 1 with check-points on Day 30/60/90 and beyond.

The structured partner introduction includes a commercial deep dive in order to build the business plan and an initial demand generation campaign based on market analysis.

In order to successfully deliver our solutions and secure customer success, training and certification is an essential and necessary focus. In the preparation phase the partner undertakes initial sales and tech training and certification. The training is available online. The preparation phase also includes a validation of the partner’s sales strategy and go-to-market plans.

To gear the partner for growth the acceleration phase focuses on supporting the partner in pipeline generation and execution of the sales strategy. By the end of the 90-day period, the partner’s sales enablement is complete.

A global partner ecosystem

In 2021 we signed partner agreements with Momentum Industrial AB in Sweden and SCOPP Solutions in Morocco. We have also recently secured a strategically important collaboration with Sigma Industry Solutions who will help us with the installation and maintenance of monitoring equipment, with a view to making the process even more scalable and adaptable. We have also signed partners in South Korea, China and India.

“As part of Momentum’s focus on delivering sustainable industry solutions, we have developed a partnership with Enersize. Using their leading compressed air efficiency software, we go to market with a full-service offering on leakage reduction. Energy optimization of industrial compressed air is for most industries an untapped source of energy savings, offering a sustainable reduction of the carbon footprint.”

Björn Fischer, Category Manager, Momentum Industrial AB, Sweden

With the introduction of a structured partner onboarding process we look forward to accelerating our recruitment and onboarding of more new partners.

The transformation of Enersize

In recent years Enersize has redefined its business model in line with its transformation plan. The firm has passed a series of milestones all of which have laid the foundation for our growth journey. First and foremost, we have launched the new business model based on a simple and profitable three-step process.

The first step is to perform a compressed air system analysis of the facility and the second step includes a subsequent leakage detection survey and repair project. In order to maintain the new lower energy cost level, continuous monitoring of the compressed air system with Enersize cloud-based software solution is implemented in the third step. This also creates a foundation for predictive maintenance and a more production stable and safe operation.

Enersize now has a clear identity and brand, and our solid marketing work over the past year has meant that today we present ourselves as a world-leading company. Our sales organization has also undergone a complete transformation, from working with direct sales in the past to exclusively focusing on partner sales today. This is the central thrust of Enersize’s go-to-market strategy.

Are you the partner we are looking for?

We are looking for partners who are already well-established as trusted suppliers of services and/or components to companies dependent on industrial compressed air. If your existing customers can benefit from energy optimization and services, and you are looking to broaden your offering, then you may be the partner we are looking for.

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