LEAQS - Leakage Management Software

The world´s most used leakage management system with more than 9000 projects worldwide

Leakage detection creates no results. Only repairs create results!

Payback time can be as low as 30 days

The LEAQS system 6 key areas

  • Leakage data – Information from the leakage detection survey provides you with the number of leakages, volume, cost, CO2 emissions, leaking products and brands, exact location, type of media.
  • Project Management – Managing the repair process determines the financial success of the programme. Identifying the major leakages, their cost, required repair time and the exact material requirements allow our clients to effectively allocate the optimal amount of resources.
  • Repair – In order to facilitate effective repair the system allows you produce detailed reports on location, required repair time, material requirements down to individual leakages.
  • Project evaluation – Results expressed in financial and volume terms. Comparisons to previous surveys, repair efficiency, most common causes of leakages, brands is just some of the information you can obtain in order to ensure the viability of the project.
  • Optimisation – The LEAQS optimization software allows you to identify and quantify savings made in optimising compressed air applications.
  • Analysis – In the LEAQS system you are able to correlate all entered data which allows you to fully customise reports for key areas of information. Major problem areas, financial information, management reports, supplier evaluation etc. is vital information in making decisions about the compressed air system.

Enersize LEAQS

The web based LEAQS leakage management software has since the very beginning almost 18 years ago been the key to successfully managing the leakage management process. The LEAQS system addresses all the key issues in managing the process from detection to repair and verification.

Enersize LEAQS provides a reliable foundation of information upon which all necessary data required to conduct the leakage detection survey and manage the repair process is generated.

LEAQS continuously introduce innovative solutions and applications that provide clients with information and new functions. It not only minimizes project time but securely puts you on the path to a managed process and an absolute minimum of leakages.

Enersize LEAQS provides clients with all necessary information in 6 key areas: Leakage detection data, Project Management, Repair, Project evaluation, Optimisation and Analysis.

Enersize LEAQS is available as a mobile app on Apple Appstore and Google Play. The app runs in an offline mode so enables full productivity even when internet connectivity is lacking.

The world´s most used system

The LEAQS system is the world´s most used leakage management system. The system contains more than 9000 fully documented leakage detection projects worldwide. The know-how and information in the system benefits all LEAQS system clients.

The LEAQS system is focused on getting the repairs repaired and as such more than just leakage detection. Experience and know-how gained from virtually all types of industry allow us to take full responsibility for the full leakage management process. Starting from leakage detection and documenting the leakages until they are repaired and the results fully verified. During 2018 we released the 4th generation leakage management software that addresses logistical and analytical issues that will further reduce project time.