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Optimization of compressed air has a
50 % savings potential
Optimization of compressed air systems leads to sustainable gains

Be part of the change in sustainable compressed air management

Enersize is independent of compressor manufacturers and on a mission to become the global leader in compressed air efficiency software. We develop and deliver smart software and services to enable energy optimization of industrial compressed air systems.

Our 3-step journey to energy excellence offers the tools and expertise for energy optimization of industrial compressed air. Begin with an audit to identify your unique savings potential – and learn how to achieve it.

Minimize your carbon footprint and save money doing it. We know how.

Anders Sjögren: Energy excellence is just 3-steps away

Anders Sjögren, CTO of Enersize, explains how to achieve energy excellence with support from our partners, software and services offerings as well as training and certifications. In short, we have everything you need and we welcome you to our world of compressed air expertise!

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Compressed Air Services - The Enersize Product Portfolio

Overall presentation of the Enersize product portfolio

This folder gives an overview of Compressed Air Services. The Enersize Software-as-a-Service suite for energy optimization of industrial compressed air.


Product fact sheet for the Q+XRAY module.


Product fact sheet for the Q+LEAQS module.


Product fact sheet for the Q+MONI and Q+ZONE modules.

Articles and research on compressed air energy efficiency

The world of compressed air is rapidly developing and it can be difficult to stay on top of research and technical developments. That’s why we’ve gathered links to the most relevant and interesting research on compressed air efficiency here.

ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator

ICAO has developed a methodology to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions from air travel for use in offset programmes.

EU ETS – Implementation in Sweden

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is governed by the Emissions Trading Directive (2003/87/EC). Initially, trading only covers emissions of one greenhouse gas – carbon dioxide – from energy installations and certain energy-intensive industrial sectors.

5 trends propelling the compressed air industry forward

Continuous system monitoring and a more-focused approach to air auditing are helping evolve compressed air management.

The Compressed Air Challenge

The Compressed Air Challenge has one purpose in mind: Helping you realize the benefits of improved performance of your compressed air system

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