Notice of Enersize Plc’s Annual General Meeting

Notice is given to the shareholders of Enersize Plc (“Enersize” or the “Company”) to the Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) to be held on Friday, 3 June 2022 at 1.00 p.m. (CET) at Eversheds Advokatbyrå, Strandvägen 1, 114 51 Stockholm, Sweden.

First ASEAN order for Enersize – Receives order from PT Cicor Panatec in Indonesia

Enersize Advanced Research AB has received an order from the Indonesian company PT Cicor Panatec. The order applies to system analysis and equipment used together with Enersize’s Software-as-a-Service platform Compressed Air Services for energy optimization of industrial compressed air. The order value initially amounts to the equivalent of approximately SEK 200,000 (approximately EUR 20,000), and can then be extended to the Enersize complete solution.

Enersize Q4 2021 Company Brief

Enersize Oyj’s Q4 company brief can be found on the company’s website Below is a translation of selected parts of the Q4 2021 company brief originally published in Swedish on March 10, 2022, with the title “Enersize offentliggör bokslutskommuniké för fjärde kvartalet 2021”.

Article and podcast interview with Enersize

In collaboration with Dagens PS and Tekniksnacket, Nasdaq First North-listed company Enersize publishes an article about energy-devouring compressed air, as well as a podcast interview with CEO Anders Sjögren.

Enersize renews strategic partner agreements

Nasdaq First North-listed Enersize Advanced Research AB has renewed cooperation agreements with two of the company’s early partner companies, SCOPP Solutions SARLAU Capital 100,000DH and Momentum Industrial AB. The agreements are cornerstones of Enersize’s new business model, based on sales of long-term subscriptions to the company’s cloud-based, SaaS software (Software-as-a-Service). Through the partner network, Enersize helps customers worldwide to eliminate leakages and optimize energy use in industrial compressed air systems.

Enersize announces last day of trading in paid subscribed shares

In connection with the recently completed fully guaranteed rights issue (the “Rights Issue”), corresponding to approximately SEK 14 million, trading in paid subscribed shares (Sw. “Betalda tecknade aktier/BTA”) began on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Enersize Oyj (“Enersize” or “the Company”). In addition, the Company received approximately SEK 14 million in a directed issue (the “Directed Issue”). Delivery of shares will begin on January 27, 2022 and the last day for trading in BTA is February 1, 2022.

Change in the number of shares in Enersize Oyj

In connection with the recently completed fully guaranteed rights issue, Enersize Oyj (“Enersize” or the “Company”) entered into guarantee agreements with a number of qualified investors. Two of the guarantors have now chosen to receive the guarantee compensation in the form of newly issued shares. The Board has, with the support of the authorization from the Extraordinary General Meeting on November 5, 2021, decided on a directed issue of a total of 4,999,999 shares in the Company, and the subscription price has been set at SEK 0.12.

Enersize Oyj announces final outcome of the rights issue

The rights issue in Enersize Oyj (“Enersize” or the “Company”), which was resolved at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Enersize on 5 November 2021 (the “Rights Issue”), was subscribed to 100 percent, corresponding to approximately SEK 14 million. In total, 116,886,926 shares were subscribed for, of which 59,856,938 with preferential rights, 20,416,719 without preferential rights and 36,613,269 within the framework of the procured consortium of underwriters. In addition, the Company will receive approximately SEK 14 million through the directed issue, which was resolved at the Extraordinary General meeting on 5 November 2021 (the “Directed Issue”), resulting in the Company receiving a total of approximately SEK 28 million before issuance costs.