Correction: Enersize receives order for Compressed Air Services from Saint-Gobain Sweden AB ISOVER

The press release published on May 5 2021 at 8.30 am was missing the MAR-definition. The correction includes the MAR-definition.

Enersize Advanced Research AB (“Enersize” or “the Company”) announces that Saint Gobain Sweden AB ISOVER in Billesholm (“ISOVER”) has ordered Enersizes Compressed Air Services for monitoring of its compressed air system. The service delivered is a subscription to Enersizes Compressed Air Services and the order value initially amounts to approximately SEK 0.5 million.

With the Q+ZONE monitoring system, included in Compressed Air Services, ISOVER will be able to measure and maintain a low level of leakage, as well as gain a unique insight into its compressed air system to carry out preventive maintenance.

Compressed air, which on average accounts for 10% of the industry's electricity consumption, is in many cases the most expensive energy source used by the industry and the savings potential is often over 30% solely due to leakage. As many industries today aim to make annual energy savings, energy efficiency of compressed air is a fantastic opportunity that not only provides energy savings but a quick payback and can reduce the risk of disruptions in production.

Enersize already has ISOVER as a customer, but in connection with the delivery of Q+ZONE, ISOVER will be an important reference customer for Enersize. The Company intends to carry out future projects for ISOVER in close collaboration with its partner in Sweden, Momentum Industrial AB ("Momentum"). The parties will work together to highlight the great opportunities for energy efficiency that are hidden in the industry's compressed air systems.

”We are pleased with the collaboration with ISOVER and are aiming for exceeding expectations together with Momentum“, says Anders Sjögren, CEO of Enersize


The well-known brand Gullfiber was created in 1967, but already in 1963, the Billesholm-based company began a collaboration with the world leader Saint-Gobain. The company is today part of the Saint-Gobain Group and ISOVER is the common international brand for the insulation division. We are constantly working to reduce our climate footprint without compromising on quality. Glass wool from ISOVER has, in addition to the good insulating properties, a number of unique environmental benefits.

Saint-Gobain Sweden AB is the company behind the brands Dalapro, Gyproc, ISOVER and Weber. The company is part of the French Saint-Gobain group with more than 179,000 employees. In Sweden, about 850 employees contribute to a turnover of just over SEK 3 billion.

Saint-Gobain develops and manufactures products and solutions that are important ingredients for everyone's well – being and for our future. They are everywhere in our homes and in our daily lives; in buildings, means of transport, infrastructure and in many industrial applications. They offer comfort, performance and safety while addressing challenges such as sustainable construction, resource efficiency and reduced climate impact.

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