Enersize receives order for Xray from Moroccan partner SCOPP Solutions

Enersize Advanced Research AB (“Enersize” or the “Company”) receives an order from Morocco through the local partner SCOPP Solutions SARLAU Capital 100.000DH (“SCOPP Solutions”). The order is for the first step in Enersize’s three step sales model, Xray, and the initial order value is estimated to about EUR 3200.

The order received is for Xray on the compressed air system with four mid-sized rotary screw type compressors installed at the wringing process at the Tit Mellil cold rolling complex at Maghreb steel. The value for Enersize of the order is about EUR 3200.

In addition to the current order, SCOPP Solutions has offered the second step, Xecute, that includes leakage reduction to the customer and the third step, Xcel, with continuous monitoring. The total potential order value from the end customer for both sites amount to over EUR 300 thousand indicating the magnitude of orders possible for a site. Out of the possible revenue, a majority would come from subscription fees for continuous monitoring. SCOPP Solutions and Enersize would split the subscription fee based on Enersize’s partner model.

Maghreb Steel is a major player in the steel industry in Morocco. The company has two plants in Casablanca:

  • Bled Solb steel complex, spread over a 62-hectare site and composed of a scrap crusher, a steel plant and two hot rolling mills for coils and heavy plate. This site has two compressed air systems with, in total, 10 compressors and over 2.2 MW installed compressor capacity.
  • Tit Mellil cold rolling complex, composed of a pickling line, cold rolling mills, galvanizing line, coil coating line, and a sandwich panel line. This site has two compressed air systems with, in total, 10 compressors and about 1.7 MW installed compressor capacity.

SCOPP Solutions has already identified some of the main issues with the compressed air system at Tit Mellil plant that will be addressed and aims to draw on the expertise in Enersize’s network of independent international experts to rectify design flaws:

  • The design and location of the compressor rooms (air intake, positions, equipment spec).
  • The extensions of the distribution networks are carried out without studies and sizing calculation.
  • The state of performance and the level of availability of compressors which leads to the use of rental.
  • Leak diagnostics are not performed with ultrasonic devices.

The sales model SCOPP Solutions is working with uses the Enersize three step process with commercial validation between each step.

  1. Xray Without disturbing the production, Enersize’s centralized panel of experts can, in a scientific way, determine the savings potential and create a detailed action plan.
  2. Xecute If the savings potential is there, use efficient systems to reduce leakages temporarily and verify energy savings with a second Xray.
  3. Xcel Institutionalize addressing energy saving potentials in the compressed air system for years and years to come. Perform energy optimization, get the compressed air system under control and avoid unwanted surprises. Analysing trends enables preventive maintenance.

Maghreb Steel has several large compressed air systems in its both plants. We agreed to take the challenge to solve a complex issue that they experience at their cold rolling plant in Tit Mellil. Local distributors of compressors were not able to recommend a solution. We suggested a full review of their compressed air system, starting with an XRAY of a pilot compressed air system. Then we will review the design of compressed air production room, distribution network and usage. That would be a first case where we will collaborate with Direktin to extend our services to add value to fix a design issue, says, Achraf Zerhouni, SCOPP Solutions

Business for SCOPP Solutions is slowly increasing and showing really good promise with large, multi-site, and multi-national companies in the pipe. A successful pilot project is now the next milestone for continuing the positive development. Magreb Steel could become a very important reference case for SCOPP Solutions, says Anders Sjögren, CEO of Enersize

More about SCOPP Solutions
SCOPP Solutions is a Moroccan company established in 2013. The company delivers consulting services in North Africa in Many sectors: Petrolium, Cement, Steel, Automotive & Agribusiness.
SCOPP Solution’s strategy has been reviewed during 2020 Covid-19 lockdown to focus on digital energy efficiency solutions. The company has set new partnerships and started promoting those since September 2020. Despite Covid restrictions and the economic downturn, the company has been receiving positive response from the market showing a good fit for the new services to industrial energy efficiency challenges.

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