Watch the launch of the new Enersize

11 May 2021 at 4 to 5 pm CEST.
A gravity point for next-generation energy optimization of industrial compressed air.

Meet the Giants

Meet the thought leaders who are shaping our future through energy optimization of compressed air

Ron Marshall, Canada

One of North America’s top experts on compressed air efficiency.

Elvira Rakova, Italy

A leading mind in pneumatics and advanced compressed air monitoring and analysis.

Bo Kuraa, Denmark

Experienced from over 40 countries working for organizations like World Bank and UN.

Luca Pagni, Italy

The CEO of CyPag is developing the next generation of smart cylinders—the muscles of manufacturing.

Stig Nyvold, Norway

The CEO of Squarehead Technology develops super-hearing to automate leakage survey using acoustic fingerprints.

Event highlights

An industry in change

  • Meet Enersize CEO Anders Sjögren and hear him talk about the vision that built the new Enersize
  • Hear from peers in the industry and learn how leaders spot sustainability, energy efficiency, and optimization trends
  • Launch of the Enersize Compressed Air Services

thought leaders

  • Meet the Giants – the thought leaders that are shaping our future through energy optimization of compressed air
  • Meet Ron Marshall, international rock star on energy metrics and real-time data analysis
  • Meet Elvira Rakova and Luca Pagni, and see pneumatics become intelligent as the production line learn to reports on its status
  • Meet Stig Nyvold and see the potential of automated leakage survey using super hearing
  • Engage in our customer community to share experiences and help develop new pilots

Top 5 reasons
to attend

  1. Be inspired by industry peers and thought leaders
  2. Learn what is coming from Enersize in the future
  3. Hear from customers how they work with energy optimization and sustainability
  4. Understand how to reduce compressed air leakage with Enersize software
  5. Get involved in the Enersize Collaboration Lab

Be inspired

Get insights from thought leaders from around the world. ​

Be empowered

Hear customers’ take on the change in the industry.

Be blown away

Launching Enersize Compressed Air Services.​

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