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Smart is in the air

Imagine a factory where all key pneumatic components using air are connected to the cloud. This is the smart future we’re speeding towards so get started today and be ready for it.


Meet the Giants

New era for industry with machine learning algorithms: 3 ways to use them for compressed air systems by Elvira Rakova

What is machine learning and how it can be applied? Will it make our life easier or more complicated? Get expert advice.


Collaboration Lab

Replay: Insight Webinar from 21 December 2021

Hear “What happens when compressors fight?“ and learn the How-tos of getting the most out of your compressor. See Enersize product news and roadmap, and get a lead on future Enersize target market activities.

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Petainer optimizes compressed air and improves maintenance

“It is essential there is a companywide understanding that compressed air is an expensive medium and that cost-effective supply of compressed air depends on maintenance activities on demand-side. It is here the data and documentation from Enersize has helped us enormously.”

Anders Lindén, Infrastructure Manager at Petainer Lidköping AB

Partner Spotlight

Introducing our Partner onboarding program

Enersize is launching a complete onboarding program to successfully onboard new partners. The program outlines sales enablement and time to earnings in a structured approach from Day 1 to Day 30/60/90 and beyond. 

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Partner Spotlight

How to get started with optimization?

An Xray is the starting point for customers who are looking for sustainable energy optimization of their compressed air system. Get the details below and sign up for an Xray when ready.

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