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Top floor/shop floor finally united

Industry is quickly becoming digitalized, but not without growing pains. Decision makers on the top floor use data from the (work-) shop floor, but still there is a chasm between systems.


Meet the Giants

Using Data for Compressed Air Management
by Ron Marshall

There is something you should know about the installation of system measurement devices: they can reveal surprising results that can lead managers to needed system improvements, financial savings and productivity improvements.


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SCOPP Solutions

Our customers tell us that our offering is unique because we provide them with data from across their entire compressed air system in contrast to compressor vendors who only focus on the compressor. This is a huge business opportunity for us to deliver value.”

Achraf Zerhouni, CEO of SCOPP Solutions

Partner Spotlight

Launching our Partner onboarding program

Enersize is launching a complete onboarding program to successfully onboard new partners. The program outlines sales enablement and time to earnings in a structured approach from Day 1 to Day 30/60/90 and beyond. 

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Save the Date

Insight webinars

We invite you to join us and see where we are heading with the product, our latest development plans, and a demonstration of the latest release highlights. The webinar is open for Enersize partners and customers.

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Energy Optmization

How to get started with optimization?

An Xray is the starting point for customers who are looking for sustainable energy optimization of their compressed air system.

With Enersize’s unique 3-step model towards energy excellence, you get instant insights based on data measurements that document your compressed air system status and your actual energy cost and carbon emissions.

Get the details in the product sheet and sign up for an Xray when ready.

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