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Accelerating Partner ecosystem

Message from the CEO

Massive energy savings are just around the corner!

I am happy to announce our upcoming Spring Launch 2022! Industrial compressed air is in for a big change.


Meet the Giants - Elvira Rakova

Trends in the magic world of compressed air. Where are we going?

Is the electrification of each process an answer to the rising prices of energy?


CFO campaign

How much is your compressed air leakage costing you today?

CFOs in industry tell us they need to ensure predictability of expected compressor investments as well as reduce risks associated with running the compressed air system. This is where we come in.


Share your story

Momentum makes leakage reduction in industry a reality with Enersize tools and software

In the future, consumers will expect carbon neutrality from companies across all industries. Together with Enersize we have developed a service offering to match this focus.

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Educational resources

Join a community of like-minded industrial compressed air experts

How data capture, advanced visualization and analysis can be used to build decision support for the office of the CxO was one of the topics we discussed at our recent Insight Webinar.

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Too much energy is unnecessarily lost in industry [Article in Swedish]

With Enersize expertise and software, companies can minimize leakage and avoid inefficient production of compressed air free of charge. The result: large savings and reduced environmental impact. Anders Sjögren, CEO at Enersize tells us more in this article.

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