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Compressed air awareness is a gold mine

Compressed air is by far the largest expense in industry. It is used extensively, but very few plants have their industrial compressed air system under control. At Enersize we are raising awareness of compressed air wastage.

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Collaboration Lab

How to avoid the compressor control gap

Bo Kuraa, Technical Director at Enersize, wants you to consider four questions – three easy and one difficult – about your compressed air system with examples of how you can avoid a control gap.


Enersize participates in WWF’s Cleantech programme

We’re excited to have been invited by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) to participate in their work to reduce resources used by supplier factories in India.


New up!

Are you a compressed air whizz?

Take the Enersize compressed air training and see if you know the answers to pass the quiz.

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A 3-step process towards energy excellence

 The cheapest and fastest way to reduce the carbon footprint of your industrial compressed air system is to reduce leakage. Start with an audit of your system today

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Optimization of compressed air and improved maintenance at Petainer

“It is essential there is a companywide understanding that compressed air is an expensive medium and that cost effective supply of compressed air depends on maintenance activities on demand-side. It is here the data and documentation from Enersize has helped us enormously.”

Anders Lindén, Infrastructure Manager at Petainer Lidköping AB

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Partner spotlight

Enersize signs Letter of Intent with eClouds Energy LLP

“We have helped companies save over INR 100 million in power bills every year for the last eight years. Partnership with Enersize would help our clients to optimize power consumption, further. We are pretty excited to take Enersize products and services to them”, says Shantha Kumar, CEO of eClouds.”

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The Enersize Academy and certifications

Partners get access to extensive and detailed training programs so that staff are up to date and can inspire the change towards energy excellence.

Taking part in the Enersize Academy guarantees the latest know-how and is the benchmark for optimization of industrial compressed air.

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