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Energy optimization is the Way Forward

Standardization lowers the barrier to getting started with the optimization of compressed air systems. At Enersize we recommend that you begin with an Xray of your system to get instant insights into the savings potential and a detailed action plan. Once you see how much you can save we’re certain you’ll be motivated to continue.

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Collaboration Lab

Optimization strategy by Elvira Rakova

What thought would pop up in your mind when you think about the compressed air optimization? Probably, more efficiency compressor, leak repair, heat recovery?

Today’s story will take you beyond compressor room optimization. We will take a look at the holistic approach of the compressor line optimization starting from the compressed air use and finishing at the distribution and compressor. In these projects, the energy savings were about 80%.


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Insight Webinars

Join a community of like-minded industrial compressed air experts. On 21 September 2021, we will launch the Insight webinars for Enersize partners, customers, and friends.

The webinars present where we are heading with the product, our latest development plans, and provide an early demonstration of the latest release highlights.


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Stay laser focused on optimization

Continuous optimization of the industrial compressed air system is an integral part of the strategy for many of the plants we work with at Enersize. Here’s what our customers Ringnes and Protan are saying.

Time to Xray

How to get started with optimization?

An Xray is the starting point for customers who are looking for sustainable energy optimization of their compressed air system.


With Enersize’s unique 3-step model towards energy excellence, you get instant insights based on data measurements that document your compressed air system status and your actual energy cost and carbon emissions.

Get the details in the product sheet and sign up for an Xray when ready.

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