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To measure is to know

‘To measure is to know,’ Lord Kelvin said in the 19th century, and this is something we stand behind at Enersize. Do you know the efficiency of your compressed air system? If not, we are here for you.


Meet the Giants

Energy efficiency measures by Elvira Rakova

With a worrying 75% increase in greenhouse-affecting gases generated by electricity provision and consumption, manufacturing companies served a possible killer blow to the European Commission.


Collaboration Lab

Watch our Insight Webinar recording

See where we are heading with the product, our latest development plans and a demonstration of the latest release highlights. The webinar is available for Enersize partners and customers.

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Share your story

Step 1: Document the savings potential

Our customers tell us that the one piece of advice they’d like to give to other customers is that an Xray is the best way to get instant insights into the savings potential for your compressed air system.

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Partner Spotlight

Launching our Partner onboarding program

Enersize is launching a complete onboarding program to successfully onboard new partners. The program outlines sales enablement and time to earnings in a structured approach from Day 1 to Day 30/60/90 and beyond. 

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Time to Xray​

How to get started with optimization?​

An Xray is the starting point for customers who are looking for sustainable energy optimization of their compressed air system.

With Enersize’s unique 3-step model towards energy excellence, you get instant insights based on data measurements that document your compressed air system status and your actual energy cost and carbon emissions.

Get the details in the product sheet and sign up for an Xray when ready.

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