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When air compressors "fight"

For this newsletter, we have chosen the theme When air compressors fight. Why is this a topic of interest? Our experience is that even if everyone assumes that their compressors are working in good alignment, and there is technology available to ensure they do, compressors are more often than not fighting with each other, causing waste of energy and production stops. Read more about this later in my blog and in the various articles in the newsletter.


Meet the Giants

Control Gap: when air compressors fight by Ron Marshall

There is something you should know about the control gap. This article discusses some compressor sizing mistakes when it comes to using VSD air compressor control in a multi-compressor system.


Collaboration Lab

Save the date: Insight Webinar on 21 and 22 December 2021

See where we are heading with the product, our latest development plans, and a demonstration of the latest release highlights. The webinar is available for Enersize partners and customers.

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Enersize Advisory Council

We’d like to share with you what we learned from the first Enersize Advisory Council meeting in October 2021.  

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Time to Xray​

How to get started with optimization?​

An Xray is the starting point for customers who are looking for sustainable energy optimization of their compressed air system.

With Enersize’s unique 3-step model towards energy excellence, you get instant insights based on data measurements that document your compressed air system status and your actual energy cost and carbon emissions.

Get the details in the product sheet and sign up for an Xray when ready.

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