Enersize on-line compressed air training

On-line compressed air training

If the lack of knowledge is the problem – what is the solution?

Why is such an extremely expensive energy form of compressed air perceived as free? Why do most companies allow 30-50% of the compressed air to be produced unnecessarily? Why don’t you measure flows and energy consumption?

If you ask compressed air and energy managers why it is this way, the answer is that it is purely ignorant. There are no formal compressed air courses at colleges or universities however strange it sounds. Although the compressed air for most companies represents over 10% of the total energy consumption, most companies cannot account for their compressed air consumption or the cost. Gaining control of costs and consumption is not primarily about new hardware or recycling but in education.

Education is always the first step you should take if you really want to reduce compressed air consumption, save energy and CO2. It is also arguably the most profitable.

The on-line training we offer is for all employees and gives, among others, a basic awareness of the cost of compressed air.