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Optimization is the Way Forward

Standardization lowers the barrier to getting started with the optimization of compressed air systems. At Enersize we recommend that you begin with an Xray of your system to get instant insights into the savings potential and a detailed action plan. Once you see how much you can save we’re certain you’ll be motivated to continue.

Anders Sjögren
CEO, Enersize

Here in Sweden, nature is in full bloom. In our garden, we are trying to protect the plants from being destroyed by some very stubborn birds. We installed a birdbath but this distraction was not enough to prevent some birds from trying to bathe amongst the plants and damaging them in the process. We can’t avoid the situation and we are still learning how to balance our relationship with those birds.

As strange as it might sound, there is an analogy between our relationship to those birds and the optimization of compressed air systems:

• Everybody uses compressed air in the industry.
• It takes time and know-how to optimize.

Optimization of a compressed air system has a very short payback time; it increases asset uptime and lowers your energy consumption and indirect CO2 emissions. Everybody agrees it is a good idea to do something about it: the question is how?

So what do you do if time and money are both limited?

A standardized, fail-safe method of approaching optimization is the best way forward.

Standardization lowers the barrier to getting started. At Enersize we recommend that you begin with an Xray of your compressed air system. In a matter of weeks, you‘ll have instant insights into the savings potential and a detailed action plan. For instance, you will learn about:
• Air waste, leakages, inappropriate use, and artificial demand
• Compressed air generation efficiency

Powered with the action plan from the Xray, you can continue to the next step – Xecute – and detect and address leakages. With a second Xray, you learn exactly how much you have saved and this usually provides ample motivation to continue optimization.

I can’t help thinking I am missing a way to measure the behavior of the birds in our garden. If I could, I would learn how to improve the situation. Similarly, continuous measurement of the compressed air system behavior is needed to understand what is normal and what is not, and then take control.

Your compressed air system puts a considerable footprint on our environment and this is why you need a clear strategy for energy optimization. The motivations are many:
• Lower risk of unplanned production stops
• Lower energy costs
• Lower indirect CO2 emissions
• Improve your facility

Join Enersize and our partners today!

Anders Sjögren
CEO, Enersize

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