Enersize Q+ Automated Real-time Analysis & Optimization

Enersize On-line Real-Time analysis is a new, groundbreaking and patent pending technology that highly improves insight and optimisation possibilities for a compressed air system.

It is offered as an add-on feature to Enersize Q+ Online Measurement and Monitoring Software.

Real Time Visualisations together with computer simulations (also visualised) provides a helicopter view of the system operations. Many days of data can be visualised and compared at the same time greatly improving system understanding, overview and follow-up. Different operating modes and events are color coded for easy identification and comparison.

  • Graphic visualizations & simulations of the compressed air system so it can be understood and monitored without deep expert knowledge

  • Find and understand faults and inefficiencies in minutes instead of days or weeks, follow up actions and repairs in real time, provides the real underlying causes to abnormal key parameters

  • Makes any qualified user into a compressed air expert, easy to maintain up-time, stability & efficiency at all time

Usage Examples

Comparing system measurements with computer simulations. Is the system running as efficient and stable as is should and could?

Visualisation of pressure stability, is anything causing pressure disturbancies?

These examples are for:

  • 7 days data
  • 8 compressors
  • 2 compressor stations
  • 7 dryers
  • 18 individual measurment points