Enersize Q+ online measurement & monitoring

Enersize Q+ online measurement & monitoring

  • Easy-to-use web access with tablet or computer

  • IoT & Online – No IT maintenance

  • Centralized compressed air management (Multi site & multi station)

Why measurements & monitoring?

Get a grip of key parameters

  • How much air are we using? What is the trends?
  • Are we producing the air efficiently? How do we compare to other plant.
  • Do we produce good quality air? Pressure stability, Water residue, temperature?

Follow up on leakage management

  • Quantify made savings and ROI?
  • How much new leaks has developed?
  • When is it time to do a new leakage seek?

Better efficiency & reliability

  • With measurement data the system can be optimized, normally with 10-30% energy and emission reductions.
  • Leakage management reduces air demand requiring Re-Optimizing the system to fully benefit from leakage repairs
  • Are there any hidden faults in the system that may cause production stops or disturbances?

Q+ Features

  • Zone based monitoring
  • Real-time charts and data
  • Real Time System KPIs (configurable)
  • Measurement drill-down
  • Automated reports (pdf, word)
  • System monitoring & Alarms (configurable)
  • Secure server data storage and back-up
  • Easy Data Export (excel etc.)

Measurement Examples