Supporting customers’ sustainability goals

Sustainability is an integral part of the strategy for many of the plants we work with at Enersize. Accurate data about the industrial compressed air system is an essential foundation for documenting progress towards achieving these goals. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

”The emphasis placed on efficient industrial operations and CO2 emissions has changed the mindset around industrial compressed air and requires us to operate in a way that is both sustainable and financially sound,“ explains Helge Skarbø, Maintenance Manager at TINE SA in Ålesund in Norway.

Towards zero emissions in 2025 at TINE

The TINE Group is one of Norway’s largest food companies and is a full-scale supplier of dairy products with well-known brands. TINE is owned by 10,120 dairy farmers and is organized as a cooperative association.

Helge Skarbø, Maintenance Manager at TINE, explains: ”My advice is to start with an audit to get the best data foundation for making the right decision about next steps. After our initial audit of the facility in 2006, we decided to conduct annual leakage detection surveys and repair projects to maintain our compressed air system in optimal condition for the production lines.”

To consistently meet customer expectations for documentation towards sustainable industrial operations, TINE conforms not only to the quality management standard ISO 9001 but also to the trusted brand assurance platform FSSC 22000 for the control of food safety risks.

”With customers at the core of our focus and management philosophy of continual improvement to our compressed air system and leakage management, data and documentation from Enersize play a vital role in our certifications process,” concludes Helge Skarbø.

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Sustainability and certifications influence the direction at Petainer

Sustainability is very important for Petainer and is a key component of the company’s core values. The company aims to remove all causes of waste thereby creating a healthy culture, a great working environment, and a positive future for its customers, suppliers, investors, and communities.

Petainer Lidköping AB provides sustainable packaging solutions with production focused on bringing PET packaging technology to the beverage and food markets. It conforms to the Environmental standard ISO 14001 and Energy Management ISO 50001.

Anders Lindén, Infrastructure Manager at Petainer Lidköping AB explains: ”It is essential there is a company-wide understanding that compressed air is an expensive medium and that cost-effective supply of compressed air depends on maintenance activities on demand-side. It is here the data and documentation from Enersize has helped us enormously.” Optimal maintenance intervals are essential for efficiency and productivity. “With the Enersize data I’m able to see the compressed air usage, the resulting energy consumption, and CO2 emissions, and then secure the funding for the maintenance project,” says Lindén.

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Enersize intends to streamline the company structure

The Board of Enersize Oyj (“Enersize” or “the Company”) announces today that it intends to further centralize and streamline operations in Enersize in order to achieve a simplified company structure and administration, and to reduce overhead costs. The Board intends to look at various opportunities to implement the streamlining, where domicile change, merger and reverse acquisition have been identified as possible alternatives.

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Enersize starts with quarterly reporting

Enersize Oyj (”Enersize” or ”the Company”) will publish interim reports on a quarterly basis, starting from the third quarter of 2021. The interim report for the period of January – September 2021 will be published on November 18, 2021.

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Enersize H1 2021 Company Brief

Enersize’s H1 company brief can be found on the company’s website Below is a translation of selected parts of the H1-report originally published in Swedish on August 20, 2021, with the title “Enersize offentliggör halvårsrapport 2021”.

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Enersize receives order for equipment from Korean partner

Enersize Advanced Research AB (“Enersize” or the “Company”) has received an order from its new South Korean partner Das Korea 다스코리아㈜ (“Das Korea”) for equipment to be used with Enersize’s Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform Compressed Air Services for energy optimization of industrial compressed air. The order value amounts to EUR 13,000 and the order is one of the initial steps a new partner of Enersize needs to take during the onboarding process.

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