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To measure is to know

Autumn is coming to Lund in Sweden. It’s rainy and windy and getting colder day by day. In the Southern part of Sweden we don’t normally get a lot of snow, but these days ‘normal’ is not taken for granted. There are always fluctuations in the climate – and they can be large – but our understanding of what is normal, and what is not, is changing.

Anders Sjögren,
CEO Enersize

The UN Climate Change Conference COP26 is coming up in Glasgow at the end of October. As I mentioned in Enersize’s recent Insight Webinar, many scientists are involved in supplying objective and fact-based information to decision-makers. The UN is guiding progress for all of us and slowly people all over the world are starting to talk about sustainability and the future of our planet.

We all live by a set of rules. We have our close family where we have rules for what is acceptable and what is not. We live by national laws and regulations. And at work, we adhere to corporate rules and live by the culture which has evolved through years of operation.

The UN is trying to guide the path to a more sustainable world. Creating change, as the UN is aiming for, is not easy and meets resistance. That is why science is so important because it brings indisputable facts to the table which can pave the way for change. “To measure is to know,” Lord Kelvin said in the 19th century, and this is something we stand behind at Enersize.

In industry, it is much the same with compressed air. Changing the way things have been done for a long time is hard and takes determination and facts. Do you have the will to change how your company is working and reduce compressed air waste? Do you want your company to become more sustainable?

As a physicist and scientist at heart, I guide Enersize towards creating and improving solutions and services that measure, that give you facts and support the maturing of your organization as you take the step by step journey to energy excellence.

Measure where you are today. Do you know the efficiency of your compressed air system? Do you know the leakage level? Do you know the cost of your compressed air?

If not, we are here for you. The first step could be an Xray >>

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